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Margaret Cho for Miss Representation (x)

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I'm not trying to argue, but saying "it's okay to be imperfect" doesn't make us believe it. Eating disorders are complex, serious, mental health issues, and telling us to stop or getting our blogs terminated do not help us. Maybe instead of reporting us, you could try to understand what we go through, and try to help us, because getting our blog deleted doesn't really help.


If you even bothered to read anything about my blog you’d know that I have suffered from an eating disorder since I was 15. I’m now 21. It’s been hell.

This blog does not exist to shame people nor is it out here to attack sufferers not in recovery etc. it exists to offer some help with recovery and staying positive.  The term “it’s okay to be imperfect” is not meant to be taken in a face value kind of way, and by no means is it a cure for this horrific, soul-destroying illness!! But it’s about accepting your flaws and fighting your inner perfectionist. 

I’m also only about reporting blogs that exist to solely promote thinspiration, weight loss and negativity. I too want to protect sufferers who use tumblr and other blog platforms as a diary and emotional outlet as much as possible! 

So, yeah, read the entirety of my blog before you attack it. I feel insulted you think I’d make a recovery blog without having gone through this devasting process, of course eating disorders are complex and serious!! They are the number 1 cause of death in mental health. I take eating disorders very seriously and although deleting blogs and positive messages can’t cure an eating disorder I do believe my blog and other blogs like it can offer a safe, positive community for sufferers wishing to recover. 


Pro-anorexia content violates Tumblr’s Community Guidelines.
Send an email to abuse@tumblr.com to report a blog.
Or, submit URLs to me and I will handle it for you.
Fight pro-anorexia. Be an #anaTERMINATOR


Pro-anorexia content violates Tumblr’s Community Guidelines.

Send an email to abuse@tumblr.com to report a blog.

Or, submit URLs to me and I will handle it for you.

Fight pro-anorexia. Be an #anaTERMINATOR

I need help, I need someone to talk to. Do you know anywhere, any website I can try? Please?


http://blog.justaskinnyboy.com/hotlines Here is a list of helplines for various countries I hope they are useful!

Or alternatively use http://www.befrienders.org/ if you are feeling lost and suicidal, they can help you locate a helpline close to home. 

I hope you stay safe, look after yourself, if there’s anything more you need please message me. I can answer privately or anon, I’m happy to help you if you need anything. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 i NEED your blog, it helps me to get a lot more self-confidence. i struggle with an eating disorder since 1 year, and i start to realize that i don't want to identify myself with it. i don't want my self-confidence to depend on how skinny (or not) i am- and your blog gave me a push into the right direction :) <3 thank you so much..


I am so glad :) It’s really nice to hear you’re in a better place! Good luck with everything, I’m happy this blog is helping you! I haven’t updated the blog in a while because I am so busy these days with juggling university and recovery. But I try to when I can <3 stay strong lovely, H xxxx


Fucking love this

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Is it possible bloating can last a year or so into recovery? I've recently had health problems and was wondering if it's possible my body is still repairing itself. I'm seeing a doctor about it all, but I'm just wondering if it's a possibility.


Well, I’m not a doctor so I can’t say for sure. During refeeding I did bloat severley for the first few weeks and it was horrendous but after that for me, the bloating came and went from time to time probably up to 9 months. So it could be possible but you’d really have to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist. I don’t know your personally so it’s really hard to know but in all likelihood your body is still repairing itself whether the bloating is related or not your body in recovery takes time to heal.

In the meantime, drink herbal tea slowly when you feel bloating and put a hot water bottle on your stomach.

I hope this helps, H xxx


New kind of workout:

  • Compliment 3 things about your body while looking in the mirror
  • Say 5 nice things about your character
  • Name 3 things to work on forgiving yourself for
  • List 3+ things you are good at
  • Name 10 kind things you have done
  • Write down 5 accomplishments you’ve achieved
  • Name 3 areas in which you’ve made progress since this time last year
  • Name 3 fears you’ve overcome in your life
  • Name 3 things that make you a good friend